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Hello! I’m Heath and I’ve been buying homes and improving communities for 6 years.  I started Elevated Home Buyers to, as the name suggests, elevate the level of service and value for individuals looking to quickly and easily sell their homes for a variety of reasons.  I do this by streamlining my processes and keeping overhead low and as a result, I feel I’m able to provide you with the most competitive offers for your home.  I’m not your typical conglomerated home buyer (cough cough, We Buy Ugly Houses) but I have the resources necessary to purchase your property giving you complete peace of mind.  I’m local, and understand that life gets complicated, and if that complication includes a house you now own, call me and lets simplify things!

Whether your home requires extensive repairs or cleanup, you’re facing the possibility of foreclosure, recently inherited a house or perhaps own an underperforming rental property that needs constant maintenance, I can help.  So feel free to call me and we can discuss some possibilities devoid of obligation or pressure, I know I’m doing my job well when we can put together a win-win situation!

A Cash Home Buyer Who Cares

My goal is to find a win-win situation for you, so that you receive the best possible price for your home. Basically, because I run my business with low overhead, I’m able to offer more and I make it my goal to pay you the most I can for your home.

I’m upfront and honest. My goal is to help you first, and buy from you second.

I won’t tell you what you want to hear, or try and twist your arm. When you work with me, I’ll be clear about what options you have, and I’ll tell you if selling to me isn’t your best option. If it’s not, I’ll try and point you in the right direction.

No fees, ever.

You don’t have to pay me any upfront fees, commissions, closing costs, or anything. I’ll just make an offer, and that’s what you’ll get paid when closing time comes.

I’m honest and ethical.

Some home buying companies change up their offer number on you when closing time comes. Not me. I’ll pay what I offered you, and aim to pay a fair offer for the value of your home.


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